Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sick of McCainObama fake democracy? Read what people did once in a real democracy.

With all of the fake democracy election hoopla going on in the United States now, it is important to put it in perspective by contrasting the lies and distractions and hype of our politicians with what real democracy looks like. One way to do this is to take a look at some descriptions of what ordinary people--workers in the cities and peasants in the countryside--actually did when they were, for a brief time, in control and able to take things into their own hands. I am referring to the period 1936-9 in Spain when workers and peasants rose up in a sweeping social revolution, defeated the capitalists in two provinces and began profoundly transforming society until they were defeated by Franco's fascists with help from capitalist governments and Stalin.

This site has links to many relevant articles. The two urls below are good ones. I have copied the text from the first one, by George Orwell, below, to whet your appetite.

(The revolutionary leaders in Spain were anarchists and this is an anarchist site. Anarchism, as a revolutionary ideology distinct from Marxism, must be considered a work in progress. By 1937 some anarchists in Spain had come to the conclusion that the principle of "No State" was problematic because in practice it prevented the anarchists from taking the steps that could have defeated the forces that ultimately crushed the Spanish revolution. But that is for another day.) (by George Orwell, describing Barcelona, 1936, copied below) (descriging the rural collectives)


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