Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown's Got a Tiger by the Tail

The new Republican senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, has a tiger--a very pissed-off voting public--by the tail. The tiger is furious at Obama for handing trillions of dollars of public wealth to the bankster buddies of the guys he put in charge of the economy--Tim Geithner and Larry Summers--while ordinary people are losing their homes and jobs; disgusted with Obama's health care reform that was drafted by the insurance companies and is just a scam to force us to pay them more money while undermining Medicare; angry as hell at an arrogant Democratic Party that wouldn't let the public vote on whether to make same-sex marriage legal but expected the public to vote Martha Coakley into Ted Kennedy's seat because the Democratic Party "owned" it.

The only way that Scott Brown--a war-monger who wants to kill innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan no less than Obama does, a pro-Zionist who wants to support Israel's ethnic cleansing no less than Martha Coakley does--can hold onto this tiger is by it's tail. The tiger's "tail" is its confusion about the War on Terror. Scott Brown used endorsements by warmongers like Rudi Guilliani and John McCain to help him win this election. The Orwellian War on Terror, based on lies, is what Scott Brown uses to tame the tiger and get it to accept, or at least tolerate, the rule of the American warmongering plutocracy. Brown is good at this job, apparently a lot better at it than Martha Coakely.

But how long can Scott Brown and other "populist" politicians keep a firm grip on this tiger's tail? It's a wild and angry tiger, getting angrier each day, and justifiably so. When the tiger sees through the War on Terror Big Lie, watch out! Boy do I look foward to that day.


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Keep on posting such stories. I like to read blogs like that. By the way add more pics :)


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