Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't Drink Obama's Egyptian Kool-Aid

President Obama's speech in Egypt was designed to make people forget who he's working for.

Don't be fooled! He's working for the people who elevated him to the presidency with over-the-top campaign funding and mass media adoration. He's working for the people who are using him now to transfer trillions of dollars from taxpayers into the hands of Goldman Sachs and company. He's working for the American corporate and government elite.

He works for the people who refuse to let advocates of a single-payer universal health care plan testify in the Senate, despite the fact that this is the only plan that would truly make good health care a right for all Americans equally, and despite the fact that this is what a solid majority of Americans want. The people Obama works for are the enemy of equality, solidarity and democracy.

Obama's masters order the commission of war crimes against civilians in Afghanistan and call it "fighting terrorism." They prop up a dictator in Egypt and a tyranny in Saudi Arabia and anti-democratic regimes all over the world and call it "spreading democracy." They provide the money and the weapons and the diplomatic cover so that Israel can carry out ethnic cleansing. They try to give legitimacy to this ethnic cleansing by calling it a step towards a "two state solution" that everybody is supposed to get excited about: one state exclusively for "the Jewish people"; and for the ethnically excluded, who will not be allowed to return to their homes and villages inside the Jewish state, a "Palestinian" state that will be "sovereign" just like Gaza is "unoccupied." The American ruling elite has pushed this racist garbage for decades, and today Obama is their obedient mouthpiece.

Obama's speech was designed to make people forget that the people he works for are the same people George W. Bush worked for. They cannot be unelected because they were never elected in the first place. If elections could really change who rules America they would be illegal.

Obama's speech was designed to make us forget how much we loved The Who when they sang, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

I don't care how clever and polished their speechwriters are. Beware of smooth talking politicians who rob and pillage the people, murder civilians and carry out ethnic cleansing on behalf of the richest people in the world. Look at what they do, not what they say.

Don't drink Obama's Egyptian Kool Aid, as Gilad Atzmon, the famous anti-Zionist, has apparently done. Atzmon, after listening to Obama's speech, wrote of the president: "He is now marching America towards humanism. He reclaims the American ideology of liberty. I salute the man, I salute the great intellect, I salute the humanist."

Wrong! The people we should salute are the people who are fighting against Obama's masters, people who will, I hope, one day overthrow those enemies of all that is good and decent, along with politicians like Obama who serve them so expertly.


On a related note, a reader asked me to point out that our dear leader Obama pretends that Mahmoud Abbas is the President of the Palestine Authority when in fact his official term of office expired January 9, 2009, making his appointment of a U.S.-backed person as prime minister no more legal than Donald Duck's appointment of Daisy Duck as the prime minister. Legally, the next in succession to the now vacant presidency would have been the Parliament leader, who is a member of Hamas. So much for Obama spreading democracy and the rule of law.


At 9:32 AM, June 17, 2009, Blogger Abdullah said...

An excellently written article that is frighteningly spot on.


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