Thursday, July 27, 2006

Regarding Jonathan Cook's Truthful Defense of Hezbollah

Regarding Jonathan Cook's Truthful Defense of Hezbollah
by John Spritzler []

Here's a good article by Jonathan Cook defending Hezbollah from lies the pro-Israel media and punditry use to justify Israeli attacks on people. Everything Cook says in defense of Hezbollah seems true or at least very likely true (I can't vouch for everything obviously.) And, I would add, Hezbollah's success in holding the Israeli army at bay and inflicting serious casualties on it is downright inspiring.

The problem, of course, is that, because Hezbollah also directs violence against Israeli non-combatants, the whole tone of Cook's article is necessarily extremely defensive. It would be a lot better if nobody fighting Israeli oppression and ethnic cleansing directed violence against non-combatants. Then, we wouldn't be forced to take the defensive posture that Cook's article so clearly illustrates. We would be on the offensive ideologically. We would be in a position to win far more support among the world's public for the fight to abolish the apartheid state of Israel.


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