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My Fellow Americans: We Need Another Revolution

My Fellow Americans: We Need Another Revolution

by John Spritzler []

We have the trappings of democracy–elections and so forth–but not the substance. The decisions that shape our lives are made from on high, not by the likes of us, nor by people who represent our values.

War: None of us even know the reason our government goes to war. Our leaders never tell us the true reason, only lies. If the politicians were really our representatives, we’d know exactly why they wage war. Right now we can only guess. We’re out of the loop, entirely. A lot of us, with good reason, even think 9/11 was an inside job, designed to scare us into supporting the “war on terror” so we will give up our liberties in its name.

Jobs: In a truly democratic society we would work together as citizens, friends and equals to accomplish goals of our own, goals that we determined ourselves, like how to make our lives and the lives of our children better. For example, we would use automation to make it possible for all of us to enjoy more leisure time. We wouldn’t use it the way today’s economic royalty do. They throw some people out of work entirely while making others work long hours under the threat that if they complain they will be thrown out of work too. They pit us against each other and against foreign workers, destroying what would otherwise be relations of friendship and mutual support. In today’s undemocratic world, we aren’t the masters of our own lives, we’re just the hired help.

Families: Our families are under attack from above because the key value they are based on–a commitment to one another–challenges the key value of our reigning corporate elite–self-interest. Corporate and government leaders have deliberately created an environment hostile to families. They force parents, both mom and dad now, to work away from home longer hours than ever (despite a quadrupling of productivity since WWII), and make it increasingly hard for parents to care for and raise their own children. In Massachusetts, where the courts are under the sway of radical feminists who view men as the enemy, the courts encourage rather than discourage divorce. They tell mothers that fathers are just abusive jerks, of no value to their children except as a paycheck. The courts tell mothers, “If you divorce dad (any trivial reason suffices in our “no fault” system) you have nothing to lose because the court will give you physical custody of the children and make dad pay you enough to maintain your same standard of living, even if that impoverishes him.”

Sexuality: Government, corporations and Hollywood attack the very idea that the bond between a child and its biological parents is important, by promoting homosexuality. (Governor Romney’s Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth pushes Gay Pride Week and “gay-straight alliances” in our schools, and the Court gave us same-sex marriage.) Many homosexual couples selfishly “have a child of their own” by buying anonymous human eggs or sperm and bringing children into the world in a manner that guarantees breaking the bond between the child and its biological mother or father. Our government promotes this terrible practice and accuses us of being “homophobic” if we object to it!

Our values: To shape society by OUR values--equality and democracy and commitment to one another--instead of THEIR values--inequality and elite rule and selfishness--will take a revolution. Let’s talk about how to do it.


At 10:49 PM, July 08, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

In your so called second American revolution, will white heterosexual men like yourself continue to monopolize the definition of what is right, acceptable, and 'natural'?

By the way, thanks for not allowing my last comments I submitted to show. Is this your idea of 'embracing discussion' as you said?

At 11:12 PM, July 08, 2006, Blogger John Spritzler said...


If you think it is just white people who have a problem with same-sex marriage and bringing children into the world with purchased eggs or sperm in a manner that ensures the child will have no relation to its biological mother or father, then you are just uninformed. Check out what opinions on this issue are in Africa. Also, there are probably lots of homosexuals who feel the same way as I do about this. Just because somebody is homosexual doesn't mean they necessarily agree with the ruling-class-supported "gay liberation" agenda.

When somebody starts throwing ad-hominem attacks ("white heterosexual") it means they have no substantive arguments, as you no doubt know. If you want to argue that bringing children into the world the way homosexual couples do is fine and dandy for the child, that it makes no difference if a child has a bond with its real mother and father, then make your argument. Otherwise, please don't resort to denigrating the color of my skin.

I posted your earlier comments on a previous related post until they veered completely off topic, as you know perfectly well.

At 11:56 PM, July 08, 2006, Blogger John Spritzler said...


I just did some research. According to the Pew 2005 Political Typology poll [] "Far higher proportions of blacks than of whites see belief in God as essential to morality (72% vs. 48%). And blacks are also more supportive of government interventions to promote morality and the banning of objectionable books in schools, as well as more disapproving of homosexuality."

The same Pew Research Center reported in 2003 that "People in Africa and the Middle East strongly object to societal acceptance of homosexuality." []

Much as you wish to label my view as "a white view" it is not.


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