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Four Zionist and Four KKK quotes: Can You Tell Which Is Which?

Four Zionist and Four KKK Quotations: Can You Tell Which Is Which?
by John Spritzler []

The quotations below are real statements made either by a Ku Klux Klaner using the red colored text or by a prominent Zionist using the blue colored text. See if you can tell which is which. If you have a hard time deciding, it's not your fault. Ku Klux Klan and Zionist racial separatism are INDISTINGUISHABLE!

The answers and references are below, but no fair peeking!

#1. “Our clear goal must be the advancement of the White race Jewish people and separation of the White and Black races Jewish and non-Jewish people.”

# 2. "... non-White Arab birthrates will make White Jewish people a minority totally vulnerable to the political, social, and economic will of non-Whites Arabs. A social upheaval is now beginning to occur that will be the funeral dirge of the America Israel we love.”

# 3. "If there is a birthrate demographic problem, and there is, it is with the non-White races Israeli Arabs who are American will remain Israeli citizens.”

#4. "What we really want to do is to be left alone. We don't want Blacks Arabs around. We don't need Blacks Arabs around. We're not asking –– you know, we don't want to have them, you know, for our culture. We simply want our own country and our own society. That's in no way exploitive at all. We want our own society, our own nation...."

#5 “We have clashing interests with the Blacks Arabs everywhere, and these interests will go and clash increasingly. . . . and once again the answer from inside me is heard: only population transfer and evacuating this country so it would become exclusively for us is the solution.”

#6. "We must secure the existence of White Jewish people and a future for White Jewish children, and a secure White Jewish homeland is a prerequisite for that achievement."

#7. "Let the sovereignty be granted Whites Jews over a portion of the globe large enough to satisfy the rightful requirements of a nation; the rest we shall manage for ourselves."

#8. “When we have come to power all the Blacks and Hispanics and Mexicans settled the land all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged roaches in a bottle.''


#1. “Klan Code of Conduct,” Duke Speaks Out, a column in the Crusader (newspaper of the KKK, then led by David Duke), November 1978 [ADL web: ]

#2. National Association for the Advancement of White People News, Issue no. 24, signed article by David Duke, April 1983 [ADL web: ]

#3. Israel Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (and former Prime Minister) Dec. 17, 2003. Herzliya Conference on security issues, Ha'aretz, December 18, 2003
[ ]

#4. David Duke interview with doctoral student Evelyn Rich, who traveled around the country with Duke while conducting research for her dissertation on the KKK, March 1985[ ADL web: ]

#5. Yosef Weitz diary, March 18, 1941. Weitz was the Director of the Jewish National Fund's Land Settlement Department from 1932 to 1948. Cited in Expulsion of the Palestinians By Nur Masalha, pg. 132

#6. White Revolution (a group that recently wrote: “Good riddance to the n----r Rosa Parks”)

#7. The Jewish State, by Theodor Herzl. Chapter II ("The Plan"), pg. 92 of the Dover edition, 1988. Herzl was the founder of modern Zionism, and published this book in 1896.

#8. Outgoing Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Lieut. Gen. Rafael Eytan, speaking to the Israeli Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, April 12, 1983 (New York Times, April 14, 1983)


At 12:19 AM, January 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You always find these kinds of comments when you have a government which is ruling over a hostile population. In the case of the KKK and the southern democrats the African American population was loyal to Republicans (and later Northern Democrats) and thus the KKK sought to destroy their influence through Jim Crow. In the case of Israel the government is ruling over a population which is hostile to Zionism and unwilling to convert to Judaism.

Russian leaders say these sorts of things about their ethnic minorities when they rebel. Iraqi, Iranain, Syrian and Turkish leaders say these sorts of things about Kurds. The Chinese say these sorts of things regarding Tibetans.

I mean this makes good propaganda but it doesn't prove much. No one denies that Israel rules over a hostile population.

At 4:18 PM, February 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in all cases when this is said, it is unquestionalby racist, which is the entire point of the article.

zionist and KKK
both blatantly spouting rascism, refering to the people they are trying to destroy or dismpower. the KKK is not considered a reasonable organization, yet the Zionists are, how odd.

rascim. pure outright and vile.

At 7:57 PM, July 26, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe the birthrate problem in america maybe its not because theres to many races but that you white trash kkk members never heard of a condom!everyone on this planet has the same rights as you kkk members!

At 8:21 AM, February 26, 2013, Blogger This Bloke said...

Racism is worse for being so dumb!

If one can convert to become a Jew, then it's not a race anyway. No one can convert their race, it is something inherent and unchangeable.

To decide that someone is of less importance than another merely because of their beliefs or their race is crass bigotry.

It's like stating 'all stones are round' (Please, don't respond that 'they are', as one white nationalist did to me before now!)

Peace. Pax. Shalom. Salaam.


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