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Palestine/Israel -- 3 articles, 2 choices

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Here are three articles below that I have deliberately juxtaposed. There is much merit in all of them. But they disagree about some important things too.

The first (Israel: A Jews-only state, with parts 1-3 linked below) describes the apartheid nature of Israel in much detail. It also ascribes this apartheid nature, in large part at least, to inherent aspects of Judaism. The implication is that ordinary Jews will never oppose Zionism.

The second one, Do Jews Really Rule the World, by myself, looks at how Zionism's grip on Jews is indeed strong now, but waning, and historically not at all a permanent fact of life.

The third article, in its entirety below (but its link to the website is fascinating) reports an event which, according to the logic of the first article, could not have happened. I have been told that the Orthodox Jews of Neturei Karta (they are the ones who are truly native to Palestine, from before the Zionist immigration) actually have very reasonable non-religious reasons for opposing Zionism, but the article and their other publications seem to emphasize religious dogma (which moves me not at all.)

If you do take the time to read these articles, I suggest that you think about what they imply regarding the answer to the question: What is to be done?

We are confronting in Palestine/Israel an ethnic war that has been deliberately fomented by elites to control the populations of the Middle East. The material and psychological condition of Jews after WWII gave U.S. and British elites (and of course the Zionist leaders who previously held little influence among most Jews) exactly what they needed to manipulate Jews into thinking that what was objectively a ferocious attack on Palestinians was instead a desperate attempt to make Jewry safe in the world. Ordinary Jews have been won to believing a Big Lie, and their Zionist ruling class promotes this lie because it enables them to strengthen their power over Jews as a ruling class ("in a state of their own" which was their dream since the earliest days of the Zionist movement.) This victory for Zionist leaders means that ordinary Jews in Israel get to live in a nightmare of insecurity and fear.

The Zionist attack on Palestinians did exactly what U.S. rulers have always wanted -- it made Palestinians and more generally Arabs boil in anger at Israelis. From the elite perspective, ordinary Arabs will always be extremely angry because local and foreign elites, in collusion with each other, enrich themselves with enormous oil wealth (and other natural resources as well as the labor of their people) but keep the Arab masses in poverty and powerlessness. The elites know they cannot prevent Arabs from being angry; but if Israel does its job then the anger will be deflected and the elites will stay in power. Some people say that U.S. elites would be better off promoting a peaceful resolution because then Arabs wouldn't hate the U.S. so much. But if there were peace in the Middle East, Arabs would be able to think about things other than defending against vicious Israeli attacks; there would be huge rising expectations among the masses for making a more equal and democratic society, and this would lead to revolutions. Not something U.S. elites are keen on.

What is to be done? There are two ways to respond to an elite-fomented ethnic war:

1) Pick your favorite side and join the war. Never criticize anything "your" side does if it purports to be an attack on the "other" side. Make no distinction between people on the other side who are innocent versus guilty.


2) Expose the elite's scheme; use violence against those who attack innocent people violently; use words to oppose those who attack innocent people with words; don't attack people who aren't attacking innocent people, oppose those who do, and try to help the innocent people understand what is really going on so they will reject "their own" leaders who promote the ethnic war.

The first response cannot make a better world. The second one can.

  1. Israel: A Jews-only state- Part I
  2. Israel: A Jews-only state- Part II
  3. Israel: A Jews-only state - Part III by John Lynch


New York City, NY April 29, 2005.

If you happened to be passing by the Israeli Consulate yesterday afternoon you most surely would have been shocked by the unusual sight that greeted your eyes: a group of over 10,000 Orthodox Jews who were protesting against the actual existence of the state of Israel. Behind them hung large posters showing the beating of Orthodox Jews by Israeli police while they were protesting the desecration of antiquated Jewish cemeteries which are in the path of a planned highway expansion.

The shocking sight didn’t stop there. When you studied their signs and looked at the picture posters a shocking new world was revealed. Tens of thousands of religious Jews are protesting in the streets of Jerusalem against the state of Israel stating that the state of Israel, according to the Torah (that is the Jewish teachings) is illegitimate. They state that since the time that God sent the Jews into exile with the destruction of the temple two thousand years ago the Jews were forbidden to have their own state and that the whole concept of Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel was formed by irreligious Jews contrary to the Torah and the opinion of almost all of the Rabbinical leaders of Judaism worldwide.

The posters showed beaten and bloodied Rabbis sprawled on the ground cowering before Israeli police with stun guns and batons in their hands. Other posters showed old and young men alike being dragged on the ground and being piled into paddy wagons to be taken to Israeli prisons. Still other graphic pictures showed the excavated graves and bones spread over the ground; quite a shocking sight.

The signs that the protesters held read:

  • Israel has no right to rule over any part of the Holy Land
  • Jews Mourn 56 years existence of “Israel”
  • Zionists do not represent Jews
  • Let our Sages rest in Peace
  • Israeli Government: Grave Digging is inhumane, disgraceful and shameful
  • Zionism stole the name of Jews
  • Oh No! Zionism will never succeed
  • Rabbinical Leaders fought Zionism since its inception
  • True Jews will never recognize Israel
  • Israel does not represent world Jewry
  • Dissolve the Zionist State
  • Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism and the State of Israel

Other demonstrations were held in Montreal, Canada and London, England.

For further information and photographs of these activities visit our website at

Visit our web site at

Neturei Karta USA


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